Anonymous asked:

Its nothing that you directly do, but its the indirect things. Like some of your re-blogs I have to do a double take and sometimes find myself say, "Whoa, how old is this person?" Because you are old enough to be in graduate school but when you start to act like our ship is the only "cool" one out there I have to say, "Hmmm." Its the little things.

Hmmm. I’m sorry, nonnie. I certainly do not intend to make it sound like Frozen Bananas is the only cool ship. I ship a bunch of stuff and love it all! And as far as Bananas goes, I’m taking a break from posting so much about it. But I will continue reblogging it. Could you give me a specific example of something I’ve reblogged that made you do a double take? Because I never intended to make people think that they have to ship it “or else.” If you cannot think of a specific instance, would you be willing to contact me next time you feel that way? I appreciate your honesty. I would like to change that, but since I cannot tell that I’m doing it, I might need a nudge. I am 28 and in graduate school, so I would like to know if I’m doing something that makes a fellow shipper question my maturity. Thanks again, friend! 

And people need to realize that Tumblr behavior is not necessarily real-life behavior. ;)

In fact, I am more immature in real life. I’m as hyper as I am here, my mood changes as easily as it does here, and I bug people. All things I work on constantly. Sure, I know when to turn it all off in order to get things done- I’m not a total lost cause, but like I said, nonnie’s help is valued. 


Eh, but I like to learn. And I am highly immature. Nonnie’s honesty is appreciated. I’d love to know if I can improve myself.